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RJI LogoThe Richmond Justice Initiative (RJI) is one of the curriculum providers on the NEST Curriculum Comparison Chart. As a non-profit, faith-based organization. the volunteers are modern day abolitionists who use their gifts and talents in the battle against human trafficking. Founded in 2009 by Sara Pomeroy, RJI has been mobilizing and educating communities on the issue of human trafficking in Virginia and most importantly, how they can take action and affect change. RJI has trained several other sister Justice Initiative teams who are thriving in and greatly impacting their respective cities. RJI has been the driving force of the Virginia Coalition Against Human Trafficking (VACAHT) advocating the passing of vital state legislation that has strengthened the ability of our Commonwealth to effectively prosecute those who enslave and treat others like commodities, as well as to secure rescue and safety for the oppressed. RJI is wholly supported through the voluntary generosity of individuals, churches and businesses.

In the Virginia Free Citizen, an on-line publication, RJI’s Prevention Project was highlighted in the May 7th edition in a story written by Kay Miller.

Local Anti-Human Trafficking Non-Profit Provides Teen Prevention Education Program Anti-human trafficking organization, Richmond Justice Initiative (RJI), is spreading a message of human trafficking prevention through its award-winning Prevention Project® program.
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Its 6-lesson academic curriculum “focuses on educating teens on the issues of human trafficking locally and globally, developing healthy safe awareness and boundaries, strengthening character and fostering leadership amongst the students,” program materials state.
Jessica Willis, Director of Prevention Education for RJI, said prevention plays a key role in ending this crime. Since the inception of Prevention Project curriculum, the program has spread into schools in Virginia as well to other parts of the country, including North Carolina, Texas and Oregon.
“The Internet has really changed this crime,” Willis said, adding that social media has become one of the greatest recruitment tools used by traffickers to lure their victims. As the growing crime of human trafficking evolves with the changing times, RJI is working to keep teens aware of any potential trafficking threats. Read the full article here.




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