Monthly Meet Up

As educators and youth leaders begin to review the website for curriculum, you will undoubtedly have some questions. That is why NEST has created a monthly platform for educators to connect. The Educators Meetup conference call will consist of  two guest hosts that will share the nuts and bolts of their curriculum and how it is being utilized in schools in their areas and across the country for those with a national outreach. We will also have an additional topic or speaker relating to the theme of the call such as, current topics on human trafficking from experts; best practices in prevention education; survivors; and a host of other topics that will be helpful to educators. There will be an opportunity for callers to ask questions of the curriculum providers, and share with other educators what may and may not be effective. Take a look at the success stories that are arising from the various curriculum on the charts.

The calls are scheduled the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 4:00 PM. We will rotate the time zones so that educators will have an equal change at participating on the calls. Here is the schedule for the calls through the remainder of 2015 with confirmed guest hosts and presenters

September Meetup Call Recording: September Meetup Call

October Meetup Call Recording: October Meetup Call

November – 4:00 EST – None – Will resume on December 8th

December Meetup Call Recording: December Meetup Call

The call in number for the meetup calls will be posted in the NEST monthly e-newsletter. Please complete the sign up form on the right to receive them.