Heather Tuininga is the Executive Director of the Luke 12:48 Foundation.  As Executive Director, Ms. Tuininga helps guide the strategic direction and philanthropic giving of the foundation, which includes an emphasis on fighting human trafficking. The foundation’s emphasis emerged after a year of research on human trafficking which uncovered the heartache, destruction, lust, fraud, deception, violence, and greed behind the issue.  The foundation board prayed and decided they couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore and watch human beings who are made in the image of God continue to be exploited, and discerned the best place to step into the fight was somewhere upstream. The foundation has done that by funding initiatives that are tackling the demand side of domestic commercial sexual exploitation as well as other great projects that are being leveraged to help the anti-human trafficking movement be more coordinated and effective as a whole. The foundation has also had the pleasure of being the catalyst for a few new initiatives that have taken off due to talented people coming around the vision/idea and turning it into a reality, one of which is NEST. The foundation is excited to see the progress that has been made with NEST and looks forward to the day when NEST is THE clearinghouse for anyone who is looking for a curriculum to help their students/youth get informed about the dangers of human trafficking.