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Our Kids Are Not For Sale

Child sex-trafficking is happening right here in our own neighborhoods. In Florida and across the United States…something very dangerous, very wrong is happening, and it involves our children and youth. Child sex trafficking – the very phrase makes people tend to look the other way and believe their children could never be victimized by such crimes. Yet these crimes are happening in our own communities and to our own children. Our kids are not for sale – and the more we understand this world of child sex trafficking, the better we can prevent it. Here are the facts: Here are a few important facts to keep in mind about child sex traffick...

Walk For Freedom 2015

Today was A21 Walk For Freedom day. Over 200+ people joined in on the walk and walked the heart of downtown Bellevue Washington. Men, women, youth and children. Families came together to stand up for the voiceless. Various organizations came together local and national to work together to help combat human trafficking right here in our own neighborhood. Churches came together as one. Every one of us came with one purpose which was to stand for those trapped in this horrible crime - human trafficking.: A21, National Educators to Stop Trafficking, REST, EMSEastside, Defender Foundation, City Church, Champions Center, etc. Over 75 people volunteered ...

Sex Trafficking of Minors: What Schools Need to Know to Recognize and Respond to the Trafficking of Students

From National Center for Homeless Education at SERVE (Supporting the Education of Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness).   Human sex trafficking is the most common form of modern-day slavery (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2011). According to the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, U.S. schools are emerging as a potentially promising environment for a variety of trafficking prevention and intervention activities for the young people in their care (2013, p. 297). (more…)